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Clean & Elegant

     White Kitchen Design

Room Dimention of 3.5 mx 7 m is enough for Tommy and his wife and two children they already adulthood, to create the ideal kitchen. Free from the problem of limited area, the things that concern Zeno, the  designer designed this white kitchens, the determination of the layout of each element of the kitchen in order to qualify comfort and health.

One wall of the kitchen dominated by wide openings in the form of a glass window view to the garden. Zeno existence of the garden is used as a solution to provide fresh air to the kitchen. "These openings must not be 'blocked' by the presence of any elements that would cover the view while reducing the smooth exchange of air," he said. The risk, Zeno could not put the cabinet-up in this area.

Instead, the wall cabinet "united" on the left side which is "free". The composition of the cabinet almost reached the ceiling height of 3.5 m also gives the storage a very ample area for tooling and material needs by kitchen and dining room. "In fact, some cabinets used to store other items that are not for the purposes of the kitchen," said Zeno.

Adequacy of space does not make designer "talkative" to bring kitchen facilities as was done by many people. U-shaped kitchen that leaves enough space in the middle area, did not reveal the presence of island. The owners do not feel the need of island cabinet because it did not function as they need, also because it did not want to eliminate the impression area. They wanted to keep the look clean and airy kitchen.

Not many color, is predominantly white kitchen which is believed to create an impression of elegance. Black combination on the floor to give contrast reinforces the overall impression of the net at the main area of ​​the kitchen and keep the elegant character desired.

SIZE OF ROOM (space) is one of the factors that is often a "constraint" when someone wants to realize the ideal kitchen. Activity in free working flow of the kitchen and its circulation, the function of each element are presented, as well as aesthetics, are things that are very related to the adequacy of this land. However, this problem does not occur in the kitchen inspiration that we show today..

white kitchen cabinets


There are so many different ideas that you can apply for your kitchen set, including country kitchen. It would be very good idea to use the country design idea because it contains lots of wood materials which will make your kitchen look more interesting. You can try to get the style of country kitchen idea that can be very suitable for your kitchen. You need to choose the right style that makes you more enthusiastic to do activities in your kitchen. Then you need to get help from some experts in choosing the country design for kitchen.

You can get lots of ideas by looking at some examples in the shopping center where you can buy the stuff for the country kitchen. It would be very useful to get the kitchen design which will make your kitchen look more interesting. You will have very interesting and beautiful room. It can make you feel so happy to cookwith the beautiful country kitchen design.

Country kitchen is one of popular ideas that people use for their home. The country design can give very good atmosphere as it is warm and friendly. You can feel so comfortable to cook in country life kitchen design. It is very important to design your kitchen as comfortable as possible. The styles of the country kitchen that you can choose are available in many interesting ideas. You can also choose the material for the kitchen set with country design. The material can be from the pine wood or the other wood that you would like to use for the kitchen set.

You can choose one of the designs both material and style that can be suitable for your home kitchen. You should not choose the wrong design for the kitchen. It is none other because your kitchen would be your place to cook and serve good dishes for family, so you need special design.

Description: Country kitchen can be one of your choices that you should choose for your kitchen design idea. Then you can get the best kitchen design with country kitchen idea.