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Menghapus Kebosanan Dapur Serba Putih

Not just looks neat, white color can give rise to an impression of monotony in the room. However, thanks to the perfect accent touches, kitchen cabinets white domination seemed more attractive. This is evident in the kitchen cabinet designed by Zeno Wirawan slick.

The impression is that stopping in your mind, when looking at a room with white domination? Yes, clean, well maintained, airy and soft look will sit nicely in your mind. Putihbegitu flexible nature of color, and can be used for all areas ruang.Tak to say, the color of which is in a group of neutral colors are often lured to be applied. Primarily, for a kitchen that needsterlihat bersih dalam kesehariannya.

But, there is a shortage owned this color group. White could cause immeasurable boredom. Although the dominance of the white color is often seen in modern kitchen, however, is not a device kitchen set is fairly cheap to be replaced regularly. As a result, the monotony occurs, causing saturation of the residents over time.

Behind all of these limitations, a solution is needed. Zeno Wirawan is, trying to break the notion that white kitchen always looks dull. The man who for more than 13 years of dedicated work in this kitchen design seeks to add touches slick that is not commonly done in a minimalist kitchen design.

Sentuhan Tekstur Kayu

"Elements of nature are always immortal, make a room feel more alive," said the bespectacled man who has a lot of experience in this interior world. It is apparent from the application of wood texture beautify the all-white kitchen space. The color of old wood was used to supplement this room. Exotic textured layers brings warmth into the area initially seem monotonous.

Material plywood kitchen cabinets were then given a wood veneer coated by lacquer. Kitchen cabinet surface looked so smooth and shiny. In line with the cabinet white color coated by melamine hi-gloss panel. "I designed a modern kitchen with material like this to display a luxurious and convenient in terms of maintenance," said Zeno with straightforward.

Exposing Cabinet

In general, a kitchen cabinet has a cover. The devices hidden neatly inside. Not visible at all. However, the kitchen in the House of Inspiration, Grand Indonesia, there are some parts of the cabinet are made exposed. One of them is attached to the cabinet on the wall, and a cabinet that blends with the kitchen island. Matching tableware slick room perched there, like a display area.

"Decorative element is what I emphasize here, once again, to impress the boredom was gone instantly," said the friendly man smiling crisp.

Cabinets exposed adorned by wood texture looks so dynamic, without having formed from such a complicated nan. Repetition of shape that is not symmetrical with the impression of its own movement in the kitchen area of ​​this set. Like a magician, Zeno Wirawan has managed to erase the value of the monotony of an all-white kitchen room.

At every kitchen Zeno Wirawan works, not just the final look just who became his attention. Is what creates comfort, and work efficiency in a kitchen interior.








Looking for the right kitchen designs? You are in the right place. Here you will see selected collections of wonderful designs for your kitchen interior decoration. The designs are even more entertaining for this season. You will love how the best designs can be displayed in your kitchen. See more inspirational designs here.

Yup, in this kitchen designs photo gallery, you will find various designs that look inviting for this season. Pick the design you like most then you can start updating your kitchen. Asking a professional designer is a good idea to get the best kitchen designs. It is because he or she knows much better how to make a best kitchen design.

Description: kitchen designs come in a huge selection. Not all of them can be your favorite. Therefore, the selected designs here are provided to give you only the best design collections.


Kitchen design ideas should be implemented properly if you want the end result to be a great one. Even great ideas will not be able to produce great results at the end when the implementation is not done properly. Thus you have to make sure that your ideas regarding the design and decoration of your kitchen should be transferred properly into reality. In doing so, you may need to consider some of the useful tips of kitchen interior decorating at first.

Considering the actual space that you have is an essential thing to do before implementing the kitchen design ideas that you have in mind. It is possible that you may find the space is too small for this thing and too big for that thing if you are not considering the space properly. The consideration of space in your kitchen will be related to the layout of your kitchen interior decoration so be sure to assess the size of your kitchen appropriately beforehand.

Regarding the style of the kitchen design ideas, you may as well combine several styles at once. Designing an interior with only a style of decoration is not a good idea anymore since it may lead to a kind of boring appeal and also boring atmosphere around the area. Thus you may want to consider combining modern style and traditional style for the better appeal of your kitchen obviously.

One more thing which you should consider is of course the function of your kitchen. This matter is closely related to the equipment that you should place in your kitchen. Whether you have a small space or a large space in your kitchen, you should only place equipment that you need and that you are going to use in order to maximize the kitchen design ideas implementation.

Description: Kitchen design ideas should be implemented properly to get a great result at the end. Remember that even great ideas will not deliver great results when implemented improperly.